My name is Spliph Paprikash (I know, odd name, but I’ve learned to live with it).

Who is this Spliph guy?

Well, I received an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the College of Engineering, Pune, and master’s degree and doctorate in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University.  My graduate work focused on rocket engine research involving the development of advanced combustion chambers and instruments.  After completing my  doctorate, I did what seems increasingly common, I left engineering and took a postdoc in the Department of Computer Science at University of Missouri, Columbia, as a Pacific Rim Fellow focusing on image processing.

After completing this postdoc, I moved to scenic Madison, WI, where I developed an advanced image processing and databasing system for GE Medical Systems which allowed greatly improved efficiency in the collection, interpretation, and communication of radiological examination results.  Using this as a starting point, I then worked as a software and support engineer for Epic Systems in Madison, WI, developing applications for improved medical dabatase operations for inpatient and outpatient care.  After that, I decided to  found my own consultancy, CraSmoMoCo Software, developing automatic feature recognition and image processing of MRI images, which was sold to Nessus Instruments in 2009.  I now works as a senior engineering analyst for Nessus.

I have a broad spectrum of engineering skills, focusing on analysis and testing.  His general areas of interest include instrumentation, bioengineering, image processing, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, turbomachinery, and materials processing.

But that said, this blog is more about my personal ramblings and interests.